Made it to the end of the week

Well I’ve made it to the end of the week and haven’t done anything dumb.  I’ve asked my husband to help me make an appointment with my doctor.  Hopefully I can express my frustration and get some more serious help.  I’m not putting too much faith in it, but it’s worth a shot.

My husband made me go out of the house today.  We went into town and put some money in the bank, which does offer a little bit of relief to know that while we’re still struggling financially, we’ll survive at least another month.  It did feel a little bit nice to be out of the house, but the whole time I just really wanted to be back home.  I was so glad when we made it back and I could crawl back into bed.

I’ve got a new video game to distract me from my spiraling thoughts and feelings.  I’m still feeling quite desperate, though.  I missed more days at work.  Thankfully, they understand depression, but I still feel really crap that I’m not even able to go to the job I love because I feel so… dark.  I hope next week I’m able to go back even if I’m still feeling shitty.

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