A little bit of help along the way

I’m still struggling.  I’m in a deep, deep place.  I’ve been letting the dishes pile up, the house get messy, and myself get filthy.  I’m having trouble managing to do anything that involves moving from my bed or my sofa.  Over the past few weeks, though, I’ve found something that’s helping me do the little daily things.  It’s called DailyFeats, a website that lets you create goals and add steps to achieve those goals.

In an attempt to cope with depression, I’ve just made general lists and have added steps (feats) to them that will help me improve.  My lists are money, health, career and clean home.  A few of my feats are turning off unused lights (to save money & energy), eating leftovers and not wasting food (to save money & help the environment), washing the dishes and doing laundry (to help keep my flat clean), and getting some sunlight and reading (to lift my mood).

It might sound silly, but it’s amazing how much it’s helping me keep myself at least in a steady place rather than falling further into my pit.  You get points for each feat you accomplish and points can be traded in for rewards like money off shopping at stores.  At the moment all the rewards seem to be American.  I’m hoping they’ll add some rewards for other countries soon or that I can find an equivalent for the UK (if you know of one, please let me know).  Right now, though, it’s not even about the rewards the website offers me.  Just having a list to remind me of things I need to do to carry on and accumulating points is reward enough.  Seeing my points go up helps me see how much progress I’m making.  It may not always feel like it, but I can see the proof on the website.  And heck, when I’m in a better place (I know I’ll get there eventually), I might even trade in my rewards and order something from America as a big treat to myself.