I’ve had a good few days

Yeah.  I really have.  It’s nice.  My husband and I had a great day in London on Tuesday and since then, I’ve been feeling really good.  I went to work every day this week.  I actually got things done when I was at work and I felt really accomplished.

I’ve still been not doing as much as I should to keep the house clean, though.  I’m trying & have been using DailyFeats to remind me of things I can do, but I only manage one or two a day.  The house isn’t nasty, but it’s untidy.

Tomorrow we’ve got some friends’ barbecue so that should be fun.  It’ll give me a chance to get some sunshine and socialise with people that aren’t online.  I don’t really care a thing in the world about the Queen’s jubilee stuff, but it’ll be fun to be with friends.